Our culture

VaxEquity is at the forefront of the next generation of RNA products

We are on a mission to develop potent, stable RNA platforms and delivery systems for vaccines and therapeutics

We’re on a journey to lead the world in realising the full potential of RNA in human health through innovation, partnership and access. Our core values reflect how we will be making that journey.

Core Values

  • Courageous

    We courageously and actively embrace innovation, speed and rigour

  • Respectfully challenging

    Mutual respect, inclusion, collaboration & diversity enables our culture of challenge, enquiry and innovation.

  • Equitable access and impact

    We are committed to making our products accessible to all who need them, whilst protecting quality, sustainability and investment in innovation and the future.

  • Desirable

    Our values, culture and impact attract and retain people and partners.

Our vision is to lead the world in realising the full potential of RNA therapeutics in human health through innovation partnership, and access.

SB2 4218

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